From Haugesund, Norway to Rome, Georgia

  Siri Selle’s journey and experiences are evident in her progression as an artist and as an impassioned advocate for the arts.

Her first exhibit was in 1999 - a solo exhibit of surrealistic drawings.  Since, she has participated yearly in solo and group exhibitions internationally, nationally and locally.  If you visit the resort, The Atlantis, in the Bahamas , her 4’ x 4’ painting “High Horizon” will greet you in the lobby.  And in 2017, her “Towers by Night” hung in the Governor’s mansion in Atlanta, Georgia after being selected by the Art Council of Georgia for this distinction.  Locally, many who appreciate art in the community proudly display a number of her works, including her yearly depiction of the Nativity

Siri’s love of life and adventure

 It is evident in all her art work and also in her commitment to the advancement of the arts.  In Rome, she started an art program through a local organization for the intellectually disabled in 2003, in 2005 she offered community classes through Shorter College, and, she opened Studio Siri, an art studio, frame shop and home to many aspiring artists where she teaches all ages and abilities.

“Heartworks” is her current passion.

Through the sales of her painted hearts, the funds raised enable underprivileged children the opportunity to discover their inner artist!




Born: 16. April, 1979, 

Haugesund, Norway 




PHONE: 706 409 3022 


1999-2001 Young Harris College, Georgia

2002-2003 Shorter College,Georgia, Bachelor of Fine Arts,Painting.


Siri is an established artist that has lived solely of her studio operation and selling her artwork for the last 15 years. She is native of Norway, and moved to Georgia, USA, in 1999 to pursue her art education. Siri strongly believes in the human essential need of creative expression. Since 2003 she has provided the community with artistic opportunities. In 2003, she established an art program at a day center (Floyd Training Center) for mentally challenged men and women where she introduced ways of expression and art therapy to the clients. In 2005 she offered community classes through Shorter College for children, teens and adults. Currently, she operates Studio Siri, which is a venue for creative events and art lessons. In 2011 she founded heartworks, which its sole purpose is to raise funds for humanitarian organizations through her art . In 2013 Siri and her husband JP embraced the opportunity to purchase a local frame shop/ Gallery aka Hanging Around Rome in Rome Ga. this was a great extension of Studio Siri’s operations. I take great pleasure of being part of growing the arts in our community. As a painter, framer, teacher, business owner and mom I want to make memories last forever through art. Siri has made tremendous impact in the local community with her creative spirit and her work. She is excelling at a rapid pace in the art world. 


Painting is fearless expression of energy, time and space, where colors, forms and lines aesthetically coexist to arouse an internal source.



1999 Single person Exhibit, Surrealistic Drawings,Haugesund, Norway 

99’-01 The Waldorf School of Art and Philosophy, Traveling Exhibition, Europe

2000  Juried Art Show, Mixed media, Young Harris  College, GA

2001 3 Artist’s Tribute Show of Young Norwegian Artist, Oil paintings, Sveio,Norway Juried Art  Show, 

            Mixed media, Young Harris College, GA

2002 Single Person Exhibition: Jazz Theme, Oil paintings, Haugesund, Norway Juried Art Show, Oil 

            paintings, Shorter College, Rome, GA

2003  Senior Thesis Show, Oil paintings and mixed media, Arnold Gallery,Shorter College,

            Rome,GA.Juried Art Show, Oil paintings, Shorter College,Rome, GA

            Juried Art Exhibition, (Purchase Award), The Art  Place, Marietta, GA.

            Single Person Art Show, Oil paintings, Mezzo Cafe, Haugesund, Norway

            Single Person Art Show, Oil paintings, Lille Italia, Haugesund, Norway

            Single Person Art Show, Oil paintings, To Glass, Haugesund, Norway | 

            Group Exhibition, Oil Paintings, The Rabbit Hole, Rome, GA

            Group Show, Emerging Artists, RACA, Rome, Ga.

            Group Exhibit, 50 Paintings, Etnemarknad, Arts  Festival, Etne, Norway

            Group Show, Tysvaer Kunstforening,Tysvaer  Tunet, Norway

            Solo Exhibition, 50 Paintings, Commisioned By  Dr.Mumber, MSHS,Rome, Ga.

2004   Group Show, Oil Paintings, Karmoy Kommune,Koppervik, Norway

2005 Group Show, RACA, Rome, Ga

           Solo Exhibtion, Tempera Gallery, Haugesund,Norway

           Solo Exhibition, 80 paintings, Etnemarknad, Arts Festival, Etne, Norway

           Solo Exhibition, Floyd Medical Center, Rome, GA.

2006 Solo Exhibition, Bed Down, Atlanta, GA

           Solo Exhibition, ART EXPO, Etne, Norway

           Pink,Susan Colman Fundraiser Exhibit, Soho Myriad Inc. Art Consultant Firm, Atlanta, GA

           Rome Area Council of the Arts,Gallery, Rome, GA

2007 Bed Down Furniture, Atlanta, Ga.

           Boutique Twelve, Atlanta, Ga.

           Solo Exhibit, Attorney’s Convention, Roswell, Ga.

           Group Exhibit, Young Collectors, Fanfare, Coosa Country Club, Rome, Ga.

           Solo Exhibition, Attorney Convention, Roswell, Ga.

           Solo Exhibit, My Contribution to Rome, Rome, Ga.

           Solo Exhibition, Etnemarknad, ART EXPO, Etne,Norway

2008 Solo Exhibition, Churches of Rome, Rome, Ga.Bistro 239 T-Martoonies, Rome, Ga

2009 Solo Exhibition, Featured Artist at Etne Arts Festival, Norway

2010 Solo Exhibition, Floyd Medical Center Art Space, Rome, Ga

           Solo Exhibition, Ultimate Siri Collection, Rome, Ga.

2011 Solo Exhibition, Piola, Atlanta, Ga

           Heratworks artshow, Studio Siri  benefitting Murphy Harpst, Rome, Ga

           Heartworks Artshow, Studio Siri, benefit to Youth for Christ, Rome, Ga

2012 Solo Exhibition, Piola, Atlanta, Ga

           T. Botero Traders show High Point, NC

           T. Botero Consultant, Atlanta, GA

2013 Solo Exhibit, Featured Artist in Silda Jazz, International Jazz Festival, Norway

2014 I love Rome, Solo Exhibition with guest Bill Bussy, Rome, GA

            Karmsunds Utstillingen, Group Show, Haugesund Norway.

            Solo Exhibit, Heartworks to benefit Lions Club, Haugesund, Norway

2015 Scott Antique Market, Atlanta, Ga.

2017  The Capitol of Georgia, Atlanta. “Towers by Night” original painting was selected by the Art Council of Georgia to be part of the Exhibit: 

             “Portrait of Georgia”

2018 The Capitol of Georgia, Atlanta. “Country Roads, Floyd County, Ga” original painting was selected   by the Art Council of Georgia to be 

           part of the Exhibit: “Portrait of Georgia”

           Milestone: my creative journey. Solo show featuring over 70 paintings depicting the evolution of my artist’s career over the last 20 years.